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punkbawkchicken in animalart

Custom Rat, Bat, Spider, & Lizard Bows AND Skull Bracelets!

Just in time for Halloween! Custom creature hair bows, featuring rats, bats, lizards, and spiders oh my!



The price or bows are dependent on several factors:

  • Your average creature bow, complete with accessories, will run you $6.

  • A bow with complicated colors, intricate designs, or custom ribbon will be approximately $1-2 more, depending on complexity.

  • Large rat or bat bows (like the batman bow featured on my tumblr) will cost $7, with a $1-2 fee for complicated colors, intricate designs, or custom ribbon.

  • Shipping within the United States if fairly cheap and will run around $4.00-$5.50 depending on your location and the amount of bows you order.

  • Shipping somewhere outside the United States varies widely. Please email me at punkbawkchicken@yahoo.com and I will quote the shipping price for you!

There are many options for your custom rat bow! Here are a few to think about:

  • What type of creature would you like? (currently I have rats, bats, sparkly spiders in limited colors, lizards, flies, and cockroaches)

  • What color would you like your creature? (white, black, specific markings?)

  • Would you like your creature to have any piercings? (septum or ears?)

  • Would you like wire wrapped around the tail or your creature? (these come in a variety of colors)

  • Do you want your creature to have painted or gem eyes?

  • Do you want any gems on your creature? (down it's back, maybe?)

  • What color ribbons would you like for the bow on your creature?

  • Would you like custom ribbon (that is, do you want a particular symbol or image on your ribbon or even in the center of your bow?)

  • Would you like anything to 'top' your bow? (any gems or images in the center? Bottle cap with an image?)

  • What kind of hair clip do you want the bow to be on? (alligator clip, barrette clips?)

Can't put your idea in words? Then draw it out! Like something I've already made but want it in a different color combo? Then let me know! I can also make 'copies' of the ones I've posted to tumblr.


You can get a custom bow starting at just $6 OR $9 for a pair plus shipping! I also have custom skull macrame bracelets for sale! Comment here or email me at punkbawkchicken@yahoo.com if you're interested.



January 2015

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