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Jan. 6th, 2015


ловцы ветра

Оригинал взят у tale_art в ловцы ветра

Мальчики. Хочется назвать их ловцами ветра, но пока они просто ждут.

Dec. 24th, 2014


ягоды для праздничного пирога

Оригинал взят у tale_art в ягоды для праздничного пирога

За два дня получилась у меня такая история. Пока только на холсте (40х40 см, холт а подрамнике), но надеюсь, что она разовьется и перерастет в небольшую сказку.
Можно предложить варианты развития событий)))

рассмотретьCollapse )

Sep. 9th, 2013



Custom Rat, Bat, Spider, & Lizard Bows AND Skull Bracelets!

Just in time for Halloween! Custom creature hair bows, featuring rats, bats, lizards, and spiders oh my!



The price or bows are dependent on several factors:

  • Your average creature bow, complete with accessories, will run you $6.

  • A bow with complicated colors, intricate designs, or custom ribbon will be approximately $1-2 more, depending on complexity.

  • Large rat or bat bows (like the batman bow featured on my tumblr) will cost $7, with a $1-2 fee for complicated colors, intricate designs, or custom ribbon.

  • Shipping within the United States if fairly cheap and will run around $4.00-$5.50 depending on your location and the amount of bows you order.

  • Shipping somewhere outside the United States varies widely. Please email me at punkbawkchicken@yahoo.com and I will quote the shipping price for you!

There are many options for your custom rat bow! Here are a few to think about:

  • What type of creature would you like? (currently I have rats, bats, sparkly spiders in limited colors, lizards, flies, and cockroaches)

  • What color would you like your creature? (white, black, specific markings?)

  • Would you like your creature to have any piercings? (septum or ears?)

  • Would you like wire wrapped around the tail or your creature? (these come in a variety of colors)

  • Do you want your creature to have painted or gem eyes?

  • Do you want any gems on your creature? (down it's back, maybe?)

  • What color ribbons would you like for the bow on your creature?

  • Would you like custom ribbon (that is, do you want a particular symbol or image on your ribbon or even in the center of your bow?)

  • Would you like anything to 'top' your bow? (any gems or images in the center? Bottle cap with an image?)

  • What kind of hair clip do you want the bow to be on? (alligator clip, barrette clips?)

Can't put your idea in words? Then draw it out! Like something I've already made but want it in a different color combo? Then let me know! I can also make 'copies' of the ones I've posted to tumblr.


You can get a custom bow starting at just $6 OR $9 for a pair plus shipping! I also have custom skull macrame bracelets for sale! Comment here or email me at punkbawkchicken@yahoo.com if you're interested.

Dec. 6th, 2012

floating kiss


Watercolor Animals

I have an Etsy shop where I sell my fiance's art. He does custom pet portraits!

For Christmas we're also selling hand-painted greeting cards and Christmas cards feauting his watercolor paintings. He likes painting birds especially but has also done horses, cats and dogs:





Dec. 2nd, 2012


flying over the tundra

Альбом: oil
Художник Мария Чернобровкина

Sep. 17th, 2012



Etsy Shop Take 2

I just wanted to point folks toward my re-vamped Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/leapinggryphon . All of the items listed there will be paintings of animals or animal masks. Because of the entirely unique and one-of-a-kind nature of these items, the stock will be shifting constantly. Have a look, and if you have an Etsy shop too, please post in the comments here! I'd love to see other animal artists' work represented there.

Jan. 14th, 2012



please submit!

animal performance poetry

want to collaborate with me on the first ever animal performance poetry zine? all you have to do is 

a) leave your computer open on microsoft word
b) encourage your animal of choice to walk across the computer keyboard 
c) do this as many times as you please
d) submit it to me, along with a photo of the animal!

cats are always encouraged, but a variety of animals, like dogs, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, rabbits, etc would be awesome too! 

you can comment here or email me at animaldiscotheque@gmail.com

p.s. if it is any incentive, i am going to do drawings along with each submission- here is the drawing that is going along with my cat's poetry!:


Dec. 4th, 2011

Holiday Default


(no subject)

In need of donations - incentives included!

There's been an utter and complete lack of art on my part for a very, very long time. The simple reason being that when I upgraded my computer, I lost Photoshop, and my tablet doesn't work with Windows 7.

I need a copy of photoshop - which, thanks to my being a college student, I can get for about $250 through journeyed.com. That's about an $800 savings off the list price. I also need a new tablet - the one that I want is around $100, depending on where I get it - and no, it isn't a high end model; just something that will do what I need it to do.

For over a year, I've been unable to even offer commissions, and I am in a place in my life right now where I really need to be able to do that - both to have an artistic outlet, and to help bring money in to keep bills paid.

Long story short, I'm asking for donations to be made to my paypal - BUT! For donating, you automatically recieve a spot on my commissions list for a commission of equal (or greater, if inspiration strikes me) value to your donation!

I want to raise about $400, so that I can get Photoshop, my tablet, and have a little extra to cover any expenses that may come up with the commissions. Anyone who donates will be kept up to date on how much I've raised and how far I have to go to reach my goal.

If you donate more than once, you have a choice of getting one commission per donation, or having you donations tallied together into a lump sum for one high detail commission.

I don't know how long it will take to raise this money, so I can't offer any concrete deadlines on when the commissions will be completed, but once I have Photoshop and the tablet, the commissions will be completed in the order that the donations were recieved - and again, everyone will be kept abreast of the situation and where I am in the commission list.

To give you an idea:

$1-$3: Quick sketch or simple head-shot icon commission.

$4-$6: Simple head-shot icon commission (500x500, 100x100, 50x50 included)

$7-$10: Detailed head-shot icon commission (all 3 sizes included).

$11-$15: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total or 1 low detail full-body painting.

$16-$20: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total or medium detail full body painting.

$21-$25: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total, or a high detail full-body painting.

$26-$30: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total or a high detail full body painting with simple background.

$31-$40: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total or high detail full body painting with medium to high detail background.

$41-$55: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total or high detail full body painting with high detail background.

$56-up: Your choice of previous levels up to value of amount total, with option to have an 8x10 print of the original(s) shipped to you as well.

Thank you all for reading this and taking the time to donate if you can. This is one starving artist who greatly appreciates any help she can get. Thank you!

Sep. 9th, 2011



These were done for the recent "Head I + Head II" shows a few months ago. Still available...

Contact me here if interested. Willing to make a deal on the set.

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