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moonwolfstudio in animalart

Welcome to Were Art!

Searching for were art communities on LiveJournal...I was surprised to see that there weren't any! Thus I decided to create a community deisgned just for visual were and anthropomorphics artists. You may use this community for just about anything, from posting your newest works for all to see, to advertising your auctions, to discussing topics relating to the field of anthropomorphic art, and more!

If you are just joining us, please post a little something about yourself for your first topic. It might look a little like this:

Gallery/Homepage URL (if you have one)
What brings you here:
What inspires you:
Preferred Media:
Preferred Subject Matter:
Favorite Piece: (What's your favorite piece out of all the artwork you've done? Doesn't have to be your best or most successful...just a piece you feel a certain attachment to. You can also explain why it has such significance to you)

Here's mine :)

Name: NorthWolf
Age: 17
Gallery/Homepage URL: Moon Wolf Studio
What brings you here: There needed to be a were art LJ community!
What inspires you: Mostly dreams, sometimes being out in nature and seeing something cool, and listening to music.
Preferred Media: Colored pencils, watercolor, pen and ink, and Photoshop
Preferred Subject Matter: Wolves, were-creatures, anthros, and surrealism.
Favorite Piece: It would probably be The Haunting of River Road . It was a pencil drawing that I finished in Photoshop. I have no idea why I like it so much. It has a lot of symbolism in it, and I like symbolic artwork.

I hope you all find this to be a helpful and fun resource. Happy posting!!


How do you join?

I am just courious, how do you join? I cannot create a new topic :)

-= Spirit Wolf =-

January 2015

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