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Animals in Art -- Wildlife, Fantasy, & More
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Animals in Art -- Wildlife, pets, fantasy, anthropomorphic, and more!
Welcome to the Animals in Art Community! This is a community intended for the posting of artwork depicting animals and animal-like beings, as well as a discussion forum for artists who create animal-related artwork.

Our definition of "animals in art" includes but is not limited to the following types of artwork:

-Wildlife art
-Pets, livestock, and equine art
-Anthropomorphism (the attribution of human appearance or characteristics to animals)
-Theriomorphism/zoomorphism (the attribution of animal appearance or characteristics to people)
-Werewolves and other animal shapeshifters
-Fantasy and science fiction animals
-Art created by animals

Suggested topics include:

-Your new works
-Works in progress for critique or ideas
-Artists and art you admire or are inspired by
-Requests for ideas and inspiration
-Reference photos and reference requests
-Requests for critique or "redlines"
-Art trade requests
-Commission proposals or advertisements
-Reviews on art books or supplies,
-Advertisements of your own art auctions or sales
-Announcements relating to new services for artists
-Exhibiting in shows
-Selling art and the art trade
-General discussion of artistic topics as they relate to our field of artwork.

Our community guidelines are as follows. Everyone makes mistakes and gets a warning or two, but repeat and blatant offenders will be banned.

Constructive criticism only. No nastiness or ad-hominem insulting will be tolerated. We understand that some people in the community do not get along. However, this community should be regarded as a neutral ground. Be excellent to one another.

Large and multiple images must be placed behind an LJ Cut. One or two medium-sized images outside a cut is fine. However, large images or multiple images must be placed under a cut. This is to avoid slow load times and too many pictures cluttering the page. For easy instruction on using a LiveJournal Cut, click here.

If you post new works, whether finished or a work in progress, you might, and should therefore expect, to receive critiques on it. If you are not interested in critique, you may ask that none be given, but this is not a rule and will not be enforced. In other words, no member will be punished for offering constructive critique.

Do not misrepresent your art. If you work was significantly derived or copied from another artist's work, be sure to give them credit. You may post art that was significantly from other art or photos as long as proper credit is given. Members who do not respect copyright will be banned from using this community. Consider this a no-tolerance policy.

No sexually explicit artwork It is OK if artwork has un-aroused nudity/anatomical correctness, violence, death, or other such sensitive themes -- however, please post those images behind a LiveJournal Cut accompanied by a warning as to the content of the image. Finally, this should go without saying: absolutely NO depictions of animal genitalia in an aroused state will be allowed.

'Hit-and-run' advertisements (i.e., random advertisements by non-participants) are not allowed, and will be deleted and marked as spam.

Respect administrative authority. Of course, if you feel that administrative judgment is in the wrong, you are more than welcome to discuss it in a respectful manner. However, a blatant refusal to adhere to the community guidelines will not be tolerated and is grounds for a quick and permanent ban.

Thank you, and we hope that this community is a fun and helpful service for you!